Iridology - What do your eyes say about you and your Health ?


Iridology for your Health


For the detailed analysis of the eyes you are required to provide a picture of your eyes which you can send by email which I then use to magnify to compile all information

You will receive a comprehensive and detailed explanation of your eyes, any potential problems and indications which may lead to a more serious problem if left untreated. Any advice for preventive measures based on your personal Iris reading, which may include possible lifestyle changes or changes in diet to improve health & well-being

You will receive by post A4 detailed picture of the eyes for you to keep, should you have a further eye reading you will see any differences in the Iris and be able to see the changes you may have made in your diet and lifestyle that will be indicated in further readings

Very simple yet effective ways you can use and practise to obtain balance and with continued use maintain that balance

The analysis may take upto 7-10 days to be completed and will be emailed to you once completed along will all relevant information and photos sent in the post free of charge

This service can also be used for animals

The price for complete detailed assessement online is 75.00