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Reiki Package Usui Reiki level 1, 2 and Reiki Master


This package is based on distant reiki attunements only. You should wait at least 21 days inbetween each attunement.

The detailed manuals are emailed straight away and the certificates / linear chart sent in the post, plus on going support when required

Do something amazing and Life changing with your Life TODAY, learn Reiki and your Life will never be the same again 

Each attunement can be carried out on the day of your choice, however you should wait around 21 days inbetween each attunement

The pakage includes


Crystals / crystal healing

Colour therapy

Chakra balancing / chakras (main energy centers of the body)

Tips for before, during and after healing

Sending distant healing and much more

Linear Chart

All certificates sent in the post

If you wish to use the other therapies at the same time as practising reiki to obtain balance and with continued use maintain that balance on yourself and others. The information enables you to advise the person being healed what colours their health and well being would benefit from wearing, eating, placing in the environment etc that really will make a difference in balancing the chakra which may be out of balance

On going support when required 

You can do the attunements any time you wish great as a gift idea too

If you have already done reiki level 1 or 2 then these can be transferred to someone else. Details would need to be given as and when required

This is a special offer and is a wonderful gift. The attunements can be carried out any day you wish 365 days of the year

Receive Alex Lloyds healing codes free when you join the healing circle for one year / any reiki attunement or the healing package

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